Green battery production.
For a stable and secure supply from 
North America to the world

Big advantages, big opportunities

  • Some of the lowest GHG emissions in the world 
  • Abundant and low-cost renewable energy 
  • Ethical traceability of suppliers throughout the supply chain 
  • Reliable access to essential battery materials 
  • Significantly shorter value chains for battery materials
  • Some of the lowest Li-ion battery costs in the world
  • Integrated Li-ion battery supply chain

A convergence of advantages like nowhere else


automotive parts

Access to

Stretching from New York State all the way to the Arctic Circle, Québec is the biggest province in the largest country in the Western Hemisphere. We offer ready access to supply chains in America’s heartland as well as the shortest shipping route to Europe.


Québec is one of the largest producers of clean energy on the planet, supplying 99% green, renewable energy at one of the lowest rates in North America. In fact, Québec is one of the few places in the world where a low-carbon economy is possible.

Abundant, renewable
and low-cost energy

Québec’s significant mining potential accounts for one-fifth of Canada’s mineral production, making it the most diverse resource base in the country. All key mineral resources for battery manufacturing can be mined and transformed locally.

Canada’s richest region in untapped mineral potential

World-leading companies make their home in Québec, creating the largest concentration of high-tech jobs in Canada. In fact, Québec has Canadas largest concentration of university researchers.

Leading R&D capabilities
to make it all happen

All major OEMs
within close reach

Québec is well positioned to serve as a central hub for global trade. Thanks to 14 trade agreements, investors have preferential access to over 50 countries with nearly 1.5 billion consumers and a combined GDP of US$49.3 trillion.

Québec gives you access to top automakers and 700+ automotive parts manufacturers. That 
means over 2 million vehicles manufactured each year, 
and that’s only in Canada!

1.5 billion consumers
at your doorstep

From raw materials and energy to technology and recycling, Québec is looking to fill the critical gaps in the value chain to produce a battery with a low carbon footprint.


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It’s all powered by Québec.

Québec has what it takes for a sustainable and climate-neutral economy

Source : EIT rawmaterials.

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